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Akai and Gin DETECTIVE CONAN Case Closed t

Akai and Gin DETECTIVE CONAN Case Closed t


Conan Akai-san and Gin

Kogoro Mouri, Ran, and Conan help newscaster Rena Mizunashi with a door bell prank case. In order to catch the prankster, Conan sticks a bug and microphone ...

Akai and Gin. I don't ship them, but this art is great.


Gin... by toastmesilly ...

Akai vs Gin : EPIC VERSION

Detective Conan Gin, Case Closed, Magic Kaito, Sherlock

gin x akai by toastmesilly ...

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Gin x Akai Shuuichi by toastmesilly ...

Rye/Shuichi Akai, in trouble. Detective Conan.

Gin and ...

[edit] Bourbon's Mission (Manga: 954-957; Anime: 866-867). Akai shoots Scotch

Shuichi Akai Profile.jpg

Gin. From Detective Conan Wiki

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Gin is shot by Akai.

800px-M13 Gin Vodka

Lost Voice, Case Closed, Magic Kaito, Gin, Detective, Sherlock, Jeans, Jin

Akai, au milieu des flammes <3. Manga Detective conan ♡Detektif ConanMagic KaitoAmuro TooruHaikyuuAnime GuysSubaruCase closedCatcher

Pin by Gin Akai on Detective Conan || [Gin X Akai] | Pinterest | Conan, Magic kaito and Case closed

Shuichi's "After" Appearance (Episode 783)

Gin and akai

The Akai family has three known members so far: Shuichi Akai, Masumi Sera, Shukichi Haneda (Not Yet Confirmed). Along with the three siblings, ...

Gin's "Before" Appearance (episode 1).

まるこ@9/10東6あ83a on. Detective conanDetektif ConanCase closedAmuro ...

Case Closed, Detective Conan Gin, Magic Kaito, All Anime, Colorful Drawings

Akai and Jodie by suzuran ...

DC_Gin Rye by toastmesilly ...

Scar Shuichi



Shuuichi and Masami - Detective Conan (Case Closed).

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Jimmy Kudo Gin Kaito Kuroba Shuichi Akai Subaru Okiya - Conan Edogawa

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Detective Conan EP 861 【Shuichi Akai Moments】

GxA-R_art failure by toastmesilly ...

Shuichi Akai shoots Gin's scope out and grazes his cheek. The wound will eventually scar and is seen in all of Gin's later appearances.

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Bourbon & Akai/Subaru CRACK (Detective Conan) | TrashyCookie c( O.O )ɔ - YouTube

GinRye_smoking love by toastmesilly ...

800px-M13 Gin defeated

Gin hearts Rye by toastmesilly ...

akai gin by toastmesilly ...

Tags: Fanart, Meitantei Conan, Haibara Ai, Pixiv, Akai Shuuichi, Fanart From Pixiv, Gin (Meitantei Conan), Miyano Akemi, Jodie Saintemillion, Okiya Subaru, ...

Black Organization. From Detective Conan Wiki

So we find out that Shuichi's father was not an FBI agent but was still involved with Haneda Koji's murder. The only other people who we know who were ...



5 SECRET Facts About Shuichi Akai - Detective Conan 名探偵コナン | PunishableAnime


There's not much information on the Father of the Akai family but we can still speculate on some things. First thing I'd like to discuss is whether the ...

In this scene Akai is both disguised as Subaru and Moroboshi.

Detective Conan | Episode 882

5 Geniuses of Detective Conan and Akai Shuichi by coolshiho ...

CDJapan : Case Closed (Detective Conan) Towel Can Badge Shuichi Akai Collectible

Case Closed / Detective Conan Swing EX Figure Gashapon-Conan Edogawa,Kaitou,Heiji

Hidemi Hondou. From Detective Conan Wiki

Detective Conan Important Episode List

stepped in, pointing out that sometimes a child's perspective can be the hint that unlocks the truth and, "Weren't there a number of cases that were solved ...

The Akai family father being involved with Shukichi's "step-brother's" death can't be a coincidence. Even though there's no concrete evidence to support ...

thought they had encountered trouble when he noticed that no lights came on at Agasa's house after dark, and when he went over to inspect, the front door ...

Gin-701NTV1280x720x264AACmp4 snapshot 2350 20130713 233143 zps2c5ef73f

And this is a fan colored version.

Detective Conan Fanfiction: Kiss of Death

Detective Conan (Case Closed): The Black Syndicate's Drug


Detective Conan - Scotch death scene

Vermouth removing her "Scar Akai" mask.

Detective Conan Akai Vs Gin Theme

Detective Conan | Episode 866 | Conan, Subaru (Akai), and Amuro's Deduction Skills

Image is loading Detective-Conan-Case-Closed-Tin-badge-Kyoto-limited-

Case Closed Detective Conan YAOI Doujinshi ( Akai x Amuro ) 154-page! MICROMACRO

Akai faked his death?

The Unknown Akai Sibling ~ Detective Conan

Five years prior to the current time-line, Shuichi Akai infiltrated the Black Orginazation as a FBI agent using the alias Dai Moroboshi.

Bourbon solves a code Conan makes when the detective league is trapped and he comes to save them but hides the fact that he ...

Masumi Sera. From Detective Conan Wiki

[edit] Disappearing blood trails indicate Akai's body was switched out

GIN the rival of AKAI

Shuichi's "Before" Appearance (Episode 259)


Gosho didn't show her eyes when Gin shot her .. I just can't believe that 1 bullet .. and she's dead ? really ?! not to mention that GIN didn't use his ...

Manga / Detective Conan

Akai waited a whole night for Gin to arrive and meet him. However, because of Camel's mistake, Gin never arrived.

Case Closed Detective Conan Shounen-Ai Doujinshi ( Amuro x Conan ) gift, NEW

Case Closed ...

[to me and from my point of view]Gin is not helping the ORG at ALL ,, all what he's doing is HELPING the other side(Conan , Akai and etc)


Shuuichi Akai